Can we learn to paint on the internet?

Learning to draw is apparently within everyone's reach. I think I'm not counted in "everyone" but I'm sure you, so! 

But can one learn abstract painting, sketching, landscape painting or drawing of the human body on the internet?

You would be surprised to see the number of platforms offering drawing classes and free courses to learn the basics of drawing and painting online!

Be careful however: you do not become a painter by watching videos or reading theoretical courses on the internet. Drawing a portrait, painting a landscape or an abstract painting requires technique, of course, but also and above all practice!

What are the advantages of the internet?

  • Take a watercolor class when you really want to do it without any constraints
  • Choose the themes you like,
  • Be responsible for his training and progress,
  • Learn watercolor wherever you want!

Art is something very personal and learning alone, without a teacher, it is possible to develop his imagination without limits. Internet serves as support and personal enrichment.

Youtube Tutos, sites specialized in painting, social networks … All means are good to enrich your knowledge and develop your artistic culture . All this in order to nurture your art to approach a portrait or decorative painting with your own style.This is the case of the Louvre Museum or the Guggenheim Museum. No need to be in Paris or New York to enjoy art! Go to Google Art Project to find all the available artwork for free on the net.

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