The essential painting material

Before embarking body and soul in painting classes, some tools are needed. If in drawing, it is possible to do wonders simply with a pen or a charcoal and a Canson leaf, the painting requires a little more material.

Of course, the painting material to buy will depend on the type of realization you want to paint: watercolor, oil painting, gouache, painting on canvas …

However, there are essential that any self-respecting painter must have in his possession. Let's say the type of painting comes next.

Brushes: you'll tell me, it's easy to choose a brush! Well, not that much. There are hundreds of different ones. We will have to choose:

  • Short handle  : for watercolors, it allows more precision,
  • Long handle: for paintings on canvas, it allows you to take a step back,
  • Flat brush: for flat areas, backgrounds,
  • Round brush: for detail without crushing,
  • Curved worn brush: for the blends, the fades,
  • Fan: for stumps, draw a tree, foliage, hair, etc.,
  • Bevel (only synthetic hair): for a very high precision,
  • Natural hair: pork, horse, goat …
  • Synthetic hair .

Tip: the light hairs are soft and the dark hairs are nervous (with resistance), allowing you to work the material and the relief.

To paint an oil portrait or any other element, you can also use brushes with sable hair (very soft) or Kevrin hair (nervous). Badgers can also be used to fade.

Tip: If you use a brush for acrylic, do not use it for oil. 

Ask a teacher in a painting workshop or a salesman in a shop for creative workshops.

The canvases are essential in oil painting, prefer paper for watercolor painting. Different thicknesses and paper sizes are available in store.

Other elements are useful when you start painting:

  • The paint palette: to mix the primary colors,
  • The easel: only for painting on canvas,
  • A briefcase: to store your equipment and protect it.

For painting, everything depends on what you want to paint. In any case, go to a specialized store such as the Giant of Fine Arts or Rougier and Plé to be sure of the quality.

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