Top kosher hotels in Prague

Are you presently in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic and would want to stay in one of the best kosher hotels in Prague? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of a few top kosher hotels in Prague.

Hotel King David

Perhaps the best kosher hotel in Prague, the hotel King David offer so much great services for its guests. Everything about this 5-star hotel adds to its appeal and solidifies its place as one of the best and respected kosher hotels in Prague. We can spend hours writing about just how great the King David hotel is in the Czech Republic capital, Prague.

The rooms are well furnished and are very clean. You can be guaranteed a comfortable night rest in your room in this kosher hotel in Prague. The food is so nice compared to kosher restaurants around its vicinity and you can be certain that the Jewish dietary laws are observed while making these food items. Lastly, the great customer service is rivaled by none. The staff there are just so nice and polite. They are always willing to help guest out with whatever issues or questions they might have. The Hotel King David is definitely a great choice for anyone out there looking for a top kosher hotel in Prague.

Hotel President

The President Hotel is one of the most luxurious kosher hotels in Prague. It is definitely worth the extra cash especially if you wish to reside in the heart of the Jewish quarter. The hotel is just about 5 minutes away from the Jewish community, kosher restaurants, as well as the Old-new synagogue. This fully air-conditioned 5-star hotel provides a magnificent view of the Vltava and is a few minutes walk to the old town square. This luxurious kosher hotel in Prague is one worth staying it.

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Hotel Casa Marcello

Although a 4-star kosher hotel in Prague, this hotel is still a great place to stay in. It is one of the most ideal romantic hotels for couples to stay in. This beautiful hotel is good for Shabbat stays and you can easily access the Jewish community from there since it is just a few minutes walking distances. You can easily get to kosher restaurants and the synagogue from this kosher hotel in Prague. Plan a romantic getaway with your significant other by visiting the Casa Marcello hotel in Prague. The experience will be surely worthwhile.

Hotel Intercontinental

When it comes to luxury, this kosher hotel in Prague is one of the best you can find around. The Intercontinental kosher hotel in Prague is definitely and absolutely worth the amount you spend. You can easily access the Jewish community, Old-new synagogue, and the Shalom kosher restaurant from the Intercontinental hotel since it is a three-minute walk. You can spend about five minutes walking to the King Solomon restaurant and about seven minutes to the Beit Chabad. In the heart of the Jewish quarter is this luxurious and fully air-conditioned 5-star hotel that you cannot afford not to go to.

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