What are the different painting techniques?

There are two main painting techniques : oil painting and acrylic painting.

The oil painting is part of the history of art. All the greatest painters used this technique to make their greatest works of art. Van Gogh, Rembrandt or Leonardo da Vinci , to paint a living model or a still life, oil is the master discipline.

The oil painting is thick and greasy. It requires a long drying time between each layer. Its hiding power is very important.

The first layer of the table must be diluted with turpentine oil or white spirit and then each layer must be thicker and therefore less and less diluted.

Over time, you will learn how to apply a glaze, paint "alla prima", fade, create an impasto or even scratch the paint.

As you can see, oil painting requires experience and this is not the best way to start painting at the risk of disgusting yourself.

To learn the art of painting, I recommend painting with water . This is not just a painting for children, rest assured. Watercolor painting is the other name of the watercolor technique.

Invented late, it developed in the 1930s with artists like Andy Warhol who have made their spearhead.

Composed of traditional pigments, the acrylic paint is mixed with synthetic resin. It dries much faster than oil painting and can achieve almost similar results depending on use. Very diluted, it will approach a sketch with colored pencils, very thick, it can be used as oil painting.

To improve , it is better to start by drawing a cow, draw a face or paint flowers with water paint, much easier to use.

It will be time to deepen his knowledge and learn how to paint with oil paint. But remember: only practice can improve your drawing techniques and gain creativity.

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